Construction training via e-Learning

‘We don’t have time for training’ At e-Learning for construction we hear this phrase frequently when the solution is so simple!

Our e-Learning sessions are the solution!

This is why you have no excuses to opt out of classroom training and choose our health and safety e-Learning:

Time an issue?

  • Save on Site down time
    • Trainees are not having to leave the site to complete training
    • No lengthy Journeys
    • No waiting time – Courses can be completed as soon as you have paid!
  • Save time on not having to organise the training
    • Allocating courses is simple
    • There is no paperwork to prepare for trainers, evaluations, signing in sheets etc

Costs an issue?

  • No travel costs.
  • No costs to hire a training room.
  • No teaching fees.

Flexibility an issue? No Problem!

At e-Learning for Construction we take pride on how flexible our services we offer are. Unlike many other e-Learning suppliers, we offer our e-Learning as sessions meaning that our clients can pick and choose what training topic they would like as and when they need them. We believe flexibility is very important within such a busy unpredictable industry.

Get involved with the future of training – Join e-Learning for Construction 

Louise Fuller | Marketing Specialist

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