Having suffered from 6 years of recession when companies were not doing training because they didn’t have the money, it is amazing that, in the space of around 6 months, they are not doing training because they don’t have the time!

Almost all of the construction companies with whom we come into contact (either through e-learning, running CITB funded Training Groups or managing training for construction companies) are saying that they are increasingly busy. Some are even having to turn away work as they cannot find sufficient people – which will only get worse as work becomes more plentiful.

So having to take people off site for a morning or a day to undergo training, seems totally illogical!

We have found that the number one driver leading to the upsurge in interest for e-learning is not the cost saving of the actual courses but the huge savings in site down time.

Someone who can finish a job and pop into the site office to spend half an hour completing an e-learning course (or even doing some of it, returning to work and then coming back and finishing it) means that workflow can be maintained and therefore jobs finished more profitably.

Equally, the time spent in organising the training is also cut down as allocating courses is simple and there is no paperwork to prepare for trainers, evaluations, signing in sheets etc. A Training Co-Ordinator’s job is made both more efficient and more effective.

So, as they say ‘Time is Money’ and e-learning can really save on both!


Tony Willson

Managing Director
e-Learning for Construction

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