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Launch of our new platform!

We are excited to announce that we have a completely new platform for our health and safety courses.   They look ‘cleaner’ and more modern Content is even more informative, using studio presenters and graphics You can have you own Learning Management System, however...

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Wanting to stop the loss of valuable work time?

The Chartered Institute of Building recently issued a report that basically says that UK construction has poor productivity and it has hardly improved since it started collecting figures in 1997. It therefore must adopt new ways of working to boost production. So why...

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How to save time on site with e-Learning

Some newspapers published articles about the fact that Bricklayers in London were now earning the equivalent of £1,000 a week due to the shortage of experienced craftsmen.  This equates to around £25 an hour, so if a person has to go off-site to attend a training...

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‘We don’t have time for training’

‘We don’t have time for training' At e-Learning for construction we hear this phrase frequently when the solution is so simple! Our e-Learning sessions are the solution! This is why you have no excuses to opt out of classroom training and choose our health and safety...

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Do You Have a Roof Over Your Head?!

Last week the Health & Safety Executive successfully prosecuted three companies in different parts of the country, for breaches of Regulations, all in connection with falls through fragile roofs. I myself recently witnessed a roofing company walking over the roof of a...

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e-Learning – The Way to Ensure Successful Training

People often say to us that their employees prefer classroom training. But is this just an unsubstantiated view, borne out of receiving great ‘Happy Sheet’ Evaluations? Classroom training, besides costing a great deal of money if you factor in the wages that have to...

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Time is Money!

Having suffered from 6 years of recession when companies were not doing training because they didn’t have the money, it is amazing that, in the space of around 6 months, they are not doing training because they don’t have the time!

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