The Chartered Institute of Building recently issued a report that basically says that UK construction has poor productivity and it has hardly improved since it started collecting figures in 1997. It therefore must adopt new ways of working to boost production. So why do companies still run classroom training where people are tied up for half a day, mostly listening to ‘stuff’ they already know about – and creating problems on site?

e-Learning must be the answer with its flexibility. As long as there is an internet connection, learners can do the courses in short bursts, at times convenient to the site and be able to establish their level of knowledge by taking a short test.
In the end, the same as with fax, computers and smart phones – technology proves its worth in the long run and everyone without query accepts that form of system. E-Learning will be the same in a few years’ time and it will replace most of the theoretical training that is required. So why not adopt it now?


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