Health and Safety training should not involve some bland narrator pointing at a board!

e-learning should not be a ‘part of an employment’ box ticking exercise, health & safety training should grab the user’s attention and make them feel like they’re experiencing the importance of safety first hand! Good online health and safety training has the power to not only educate the users but also keep them entertained. Engaging the brain through real life story telling equals successful training and safety onsite.
Your worker needs to feel as though the training video is highly relevant to them to make them be persuaded to learn about the safety essentials. Well-crafted videos can also help to simulate an emotional response in learners that can result in a curiosity in why something is the way itis or a drive to achieve in their learning. The online training video plot should always remain objectified and never losing sight of the core health and safety message that the training video is portraying.


Engage your workers, provoke their brains with hard hitting storytelling!

e-Learning for Construction’s e-Learning videos are all real workplace based, no bland text that the user obliviously reads through forgetting about the absolute importance of safety throughout the workplace. Our e-Learning is hard hitting showing what would happen if you do not follow the safety obligations and persuading the user that Health and Safety training plays a very important role with their job. What creates more impact than showing your worker what injures could happen to them if they do not pay attention to health and safety training? Who’d stop paying attention to a training video if they viewed another worker’s head being axed for example? I must reassure you it is not as graphic as it sounds by the way! The footage used is graphic enough to engage your workers but no way gory enough to freak them out! The main aim of the footage is to intrigue the brain! Preparing your workers to see the potential consequences within their workplace and the importance of health and safety training.

So are you wanting to train your staff crucial Health and Safety, told via engaging story telling?

I am guessing yes is the answer?!

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