Frequently Asked Questions:

About Our Health and Safety e-Learning


How many courses do I have to buy at one go?

The minimum purchase of health and safety courses is 5 sessions. Upon payment, we will set you up with your own account (which, at an extra cost can be branded with your company logo), add the available sessions and then you will have access to your own Learning Management System.  This will enable you to assign courses, check results, prepare reports and generally monitor what is going on. For a small admin fee per a course we can do this all for you. After your initial purchase, you can add to your sessions, as and when you wish.
UKATA courses do not have a Learning Management System but the whole process is automated and there is a 5 course minimum purchase.


What I.T. infrastructure do I need?

Obviously, you will need a computer (PC, MAC, laptop or tablet – and although it is somewhat awkward with the screen size, a smart mobile telephone). You then need an internet connection and can access the portal through your browser and we recommend Google Chrome as it has all of the correct plug-ins.


Where and How?

As long as there is an internet connection where they are, learners can log on to and come out of a session as many times as they wish (within the one year limit).


Will there be operatives not doing health and safety e-learning when they should?

The Learning Management System allows the Administrator to see when a course has started or if it hasn’t, and how long they have taken on each course. You’ll also see when the course has been finished and if the person passed or failed. You won’t get that type of detail when they are off site at a training course!


Our operatives aren’t IT proficient. Will the health and safety e-learning be difficult to use?

The system is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Operatives watch a short video and then answer questions so the amount of IT knowledge required is very basic.


We have always used face-to-face training and we don’t want to change to e-learning

Change is inevitable, especially with the squeeze on margins and the need to reduce overheads. Why not try cheaper and more consistent training across your company? You can even preview the courses before you undertake them giving you peace of mind about the structure.


So why choose e-Learning for Construction?

With over 40 health and safety e-learning training course titles for your company to choose from you are able to train your entire workforce with just one easy to use system.  We take pride with our in-house teams quick response when it comes to purchasing or setting up your trainee’s e-learning. As soon as payment has been transferred the training sessions can be used! This is perfect for when you have trainee that is urgent need of training right away!

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