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No boundaries with e-Learning

At e-Learning for construction we understand how busy construction workers schedules are and pulling them off site for a full day to go on a health and safety construction course is just infeasible. With our online courses, all your workers need is an electronic device, an internet connection and thirty minutes spare (Time may vary dependent on course/ how many courses being taken). No need to spend time and energy coordinating where and when a course will take place, having to gather a whole team of employees together to fill the training room is never easy. Having to wait weeks for a training course is just not practical if your worker needs training as soon as possible! The flexibility of e-Learning allows your workers to have health and safety training as soon you have paid for the sessions and we have sent across your login information.

No commitment needed when it comes to choosing courses!

e-Learning for Constructions unique selling point is the fact that we sell our courses as sessions. This means if you can pick and choose what type of training course you workers need whenever you want! No commitment needed to an individual health and safety course. We know that changes within the workplace happen regularly so our flexible services allow you to select from our range of 40+ health and safety training courses whenever you please as long as you have sessions left within your account.

Take paper out of the equation, access training results whenever you like!

Isn’t the whole point of training about being kept in the know?  The fact that you can view your workers results whenever you need to as well as keeping up to date with who you have allocated courses to and if they have under gone the training yet just proves how valuable the flexibility of e-Learning is!

Flexibility can improve your workers learning style  – Meaning more critical information being retained!

The health and safety e-Learning course material is consistent for all users but e-Learning allows the individual worker to control the pace and the environment of the course allowing them to be far more conductive to their learning style.

The above points conclude how our flexible e-Learning service can make a great impact on your health and safety training requirements, see here for pricing and previews.

Louise Fuller | Marketing Specialist 

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