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For over 14 years, we at Helmsman Services Ltd have been managing the training and development for construction companies, organising courses, preparing training plans and maximising their CITB grants. As the recession ended and companies became busier, the previous ‘we don’t have the money for training’ was replaced with ‘we don’t have time for training’ and so we had to come up with something that answered this. Classroom courses are time-consuming, most being at least a half day which, if participants are travelling from site to an office, can take up 5 hours or more in a day.  With the pressure on to complete contracts, having a team of people off-site made no economic sense whereas, if they could take small amounts of time to sit on the site computer or tablet, this makes huge sense. So in 2014 we researched what on-line courses were out there and came to the conclusion that there were quite a number of really boring offerings, a lot of suppliers who offer a limited number of titles and only one that had a good range of subjects that were construction related and that were memorable. This is when e-Learning for Construction was created and has been a thriving online training provider ever since!  If you look at the samples, please read the ‘Health Warning’ and you will see that anyone looking at these would be hard-pushed to forget them!

What do we do at e-Learning for Construction?


e-Learning for Construction courses use professional presenters and studio animation with some video clips and are proven to be a very effective way of learning. Take a look at the e-learning for construction samples and the range of subjects and contact us to discuss what you may want.

“Online Training That Saves 50% of Costs

Against Classroom Training”

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At e-Learning for Construction we have a collection of 40+ Health and Safety training videos.

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